Who is this training for?

This training is intended for all obliged professionnals, regardless of their profession. It will teach you the basics of AML and will review your obligations through different cases.

Our AML training is intented for all your employees

Why an online training?

After the purchase, your employees will have access to the training and its updates for a period of 1 year.

This format will not monopolize your employees for several hours, but rather allows them to follow the training whenever and wherever they want. Indeed, each module and sub-module can be viewed independently from a computer or even a cell phone. 

To ensure effective learning, learners will have to answer questionnaires in the form of MCQs in order to progress in the training.

Finally, a personal certificate will be given to each learner at the end of the training. This certificate contains the learner's identity, name and the date of the training.